Buy fertiliser with Oté

Farmers are struggling. According to agricultural economist Dr Koos Coetzee (in Farmers Weekly 2018), “farmers have little or no control over producer prices … and even less control over the prices they pay for inputs”. Amongst other recommendations, Coetzee further suggests that farmers start looking at saving on input costs by buying, for example, fertiliser in bulk. And Oté couldn’t agree more.

How can Oté help?

Oté facilitates purchasing input products directly from the importer. That is, a transaction via Oté saves farmers a substantial amount compared to when commoditised inputs such as fertiliser are obtained via traditional blenders. What is more, Oté ensures that you know when the price is right to buy, which keeps even more money in your pocket.

If I buy fertiliser through Oté, how does it work?

In its initial stage, Oté’s focus is on the procurement of straight fertiliser.

The Oté model is simple and free from risk:

  • Like and follow our Twitter and Facebook social media pages and visit our website regularly
  • When international pricing is lowest and conditions are favourable to buy, we will let you know via our online pages
  • Register on G-PAY™ via the Oté website
  • With your secure login, proceed to select the options for the fertiliser you wish to buy; for example, buy in bulk or bagged, and the payment term
  • Complete your order
  • Oté keeps you informed of the status of your order
  • We deliver your order
  • Choose to have Oté deliver to a specified location or a blending plant of your choice
  • Your transaction is complete

How you save with Oté

Firstly, with Oté you are able to use the opportunity to buy fertiliser at times when international prices are favourable. Secondly, product is obtained directly from the importer, and lastly, the Oté online model keeps money in your own bank account which saves interest and reduces the risk.

Please navigate our site for more information on the Oté process.

Coetzee, K. 2018. Farmers, forget about price! Farmers Weekly. Accessed 04 December 2019.