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Why procuring inputs the traditional way is expensive

Why Oté “When knowledge, both inherited and gained, is used to determine one’s choices, better decisions are made.” Oté provides opportunities by delivering options in a time when options are limited. Purchasing inputs via Oté gives farmers an opportunity to use their knowledge and planning to their advantage…Read further

Oté facilitates the procurement of commoditised agricultural inputs direct from importers via a highly secured online platform. We play an instrumental role in empowering farmers to farm profitably. That is, we obtain the best possible price for inputs and mitigate risk of buying. We use farmers’ planning and combined buying power along with knowledge of favourable buying times. Oté’s model is therefore a game-changer for progressive farmers.

Save on inputs & farm profitably

With initial focus on supplying straight fertiliser, Oté’s online model will save you a substantial amount of money during the process. What is more, Oté ensures that you know when the price is right to buy, which keeps even more money in your pocket. Yes, you farm more profitably. Take a look at our “Trends Page” for information on world prices to see how you could be saving.

How do I buy fertiliser via Oté?

Through Oté, you buy straight fertiliser directly from the importer via a trusted, secure platform. Moreover, the process is virtually free from risk. View the process page here: Click

It is our vision to play an instrumental role in changing the way farmers procure fertiliser in order for them to farm profitably by obtaining the best possible price for inputs while eliminating the risk of buying.

It is our mission to create a state of the art online business where farmers can procure fertiliser at the best price, regardless of their location or seasonal patterns.

The Oté model was developed with our farmers in mind, first. We therefore endeavour to offer a secure yet transparent, risk free service to our farmers.

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